November Sales Snapshot: Compact Cars

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By Paul Niedermeyer on December 5, 2009

2009 Honda Civic EX SedanNB: Our numbers are straight from the various companys’ media sites. There may be discrepancies between them and those from other sources, because some may be be NA (Canada too) and other US only.

We are currently researching purchasing an automotive sales analysis data base from a supplier. Our goal is to provide timely, accurate information and analysis. That has never been done before consistently at TTAC. Stay tuned for an announcement. In the meantime, I apologize if these numbers are not all apple to apple comparisons.

Honda is also leading in the compact segment with it’s perennially popular Civic. The Cobalt is shriveling away in its last year. The Caliber has imploded, rather spectacularly at that. And the new Kia Forte is off to a strong start. Chart follows:

Ranked by YTD sales Nov. 09 change from 08 YTD 09 Change from 08
Civic 25141 25% 303905 3%
Corolla 21899 9% 262654 -20%
Focus 10196 24% 146228 -21%
Elantra 6127 52% 97506 6%
Cobalt 5112 -19% 96052 -45%
Sentra 5210 4% 76514 -19%
Impreza 2555 -34% 42964 -4%
Forte 4004 N/A N/A N/A
Caliber 412 -85% 30809 -62%


repostt: the truth about cars

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