Elderly Woman: “I Was Forced To Buy A Hyundai”

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on December 2, 2009

Audrey McKnight claims in her lawsuit she was forced to buy a new Hyundai after hours of pressure from salesmen at an Iowa dealership while she waited for her car to be serviced.   (They train those boys to mine that service drive for more sales.  Sounds like this one took it too literally, OR maybe…just MAYBE, the little ol lady from Pasedena is lying to cover a hard headed case of buyers remorse.  It happens…don’t kid yourself.  Car dealers are always to blame.  However, when you drill down deep,  more times than not, the customers simply are not telling the truth.  Dealers are dogs, and buyers are liars.  We’ll see how this one plays out.

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