Automobile Profiling

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on November 25, 2009

Your car, your ride, your sled, your pimpmobile, is a direct relation of YOU.  It’s really kind of crazy when one starts connecting the dots with the standard deviation of the square root of (Car/Personality).  I’ll name it not racial, but Automobile Profiling.

“BUT I’D DRIVE A NEW BENTLY IF I COULD AFFORD IT” Well no shit Sherlock, that’s not what we asked.  Your personality would control if you hide your Bent in the garage or drive it open windowed in the Christmas Parade.  You could afford it, if you had the personality to make the money to afford it. 

Actually, this topic could (and will) be a book.  I can only hit the highlights, but sit down and take a drive with me for a minute.  Question: Does a big truck compensate for a small penis?  Answer:  No  Q: How do you know John?  A:  I drive a big truck 🙂

We don’t have time for the full species alignment, so let’s identify a few subjects.  The Frat Boy,Frat Daddy,  Jet Ski Guy, Soccer Mom (A, B C, D below), Going Postal, Sorority Girl (A,B, C, D), preacher, black preacher, stripper,  Volvo man, billionaire, millionair, $30k millionair, cougar, blogger, tree hugger, democrat, Texan Repulican, broke pot head, pot head with money, coke monkey, lawyer boy (A, B, C, D),  NWA, vato loco, Roper, Redneck, Cutter, Tokyo drifter, and the list goes on and on.  

Gotta get back to work, I’ll start throwing some examples on here soon.  This book could be the best explanation of the classes since Preppy Handbook (1980)

908780412_l.jpg image by PiMPMAN101

Exerpt below from

Frathoe has nothing to do with a girl. That’s a sorostitute. (and of course that only applies to the hot sorority girls from the south)

Z71 Tahoes are without a doubt the frattiest SUV/Trucks ever made. That’s where Frathoe comes from. Kind of like Fratwater (beer) Although all the frat daddies out there who drive other vehicles like X5’s, H2’s, M Class, ect.. often refer to them as “their frathoes.” 

The reciprocal to the cool frat boy ride, is this


Just because you own a LandRover, doesnt mean the guys at the Rover dealership will treat you the same.  You be the Judge:

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