Pizza and Appraisals on Demand at Texas Toyota 11-1

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on November 13, 2009


For REAL DEAL listeners we’ll be on sitting on the porch of Texas Toyota Saturday Morning (today) from 11A-1P.  I got Grady to spring for a bunch of pizza for fans of the show.  We would have gone with pizza and beer, but..welll…you know…

  Come meet me in Grapevine and I’ll hang a buy bid figure on your car in person, just like we do on the air.  Also, if you just want to come by and chat, please do.  I always enjoy meeting our listeners (the radio can be some impersonal these days)

Click this link for a map to the joint and thier phone number is 866-956-4141 if you are bad with directions.   Don’t worry about a long line to get your car bid, I work fast 🙂   We will be writing checks right there on the spot for those that want to sell or trade.

John Clay Wolfe

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