Q: which is the BEST new car? A: Whomever pays warranty claims with ease

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on November 12, 2009

That depends, do you prefer Blondes or Brunettes?  Seriously, that is not a real question in this day and age, and if I ever do answer that question with a specific unit…I’m being bribed by that manufacturer.  All cars today are GOOD CARS.  Even Hyndai and Suzuki (yes I said it, I know I’m  ashamed too).  Rice burners have always been GOOD CARS, but the noodle burners were not, well they are now.   The #1 song in the country is boom boom pow, and Hyndai is the most profitable franchise.  (Lord help us all)

I liked it better when the Eagles had the best songs in the country and Chrysler couldn’t keep paint on their new cars.  I had a long conversation with the legendary Mr. Norm (America’s #1 Chrysler Dealer in the early 70’s) he told me back in the day, he literally repainted 75% of the new Chrysler inventory (esp muscelcars) that rolled off the haul truck.  Same goes for Hyndai , the depreciation on the accent in the mid 80’s traveled around .98 Mach.

All cars today are GOOD CARS, but here is some GOOD advise.  What brand is the easiest to deal with on warranty claims.  All new cars break down, but what I have witnessed are the factories turning their ass to customer warranty claims.  I’m not going to name names, becuase I don’t want to fade the heat from a manufacturer.  However if you google around a bit, I’ll bet you 3 years or 36 thousand miles you’ll find who I’m talking about.

It’s silly, and it’s not just one factory.  There are a handful of them that are just flat-ass turning down factory warranty claims with excuses such as: driver negligence, poor operating conditions, caused from non factory damage, and the knock out punch ‘contaminated fuel’.

The answer to your question ‘the best car to buy’ is simple.  Pick one you like, bc they’re all great these days, but moreso…the factory/dealers reputation on taking care of factory warranty claims.   Until we meet again…JCFW

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