Blue Horseshoe Loves Anacott Steel: BUY F

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on November 12, 2009

Buy Ford stock, buy Ford stock, read my lips… F is a buy.  I cometh to you wtih this suggestion not from the point of view of a butterfly chart or deep investigation of F’s SEC filings.   It’s a common sense view point.  Instead of reseaching the Edgar filing, go to a Ford dealer.  Ask the salesperson to show you some product.  I am a  Ford dealer, and I’m a Tellin U, the Ford boys have their shit together.  It started with the 09 Fusion, then the Focus, then the new F series.  An advertisiment or a article cannot explain my message.  This opinion comes from my personal driving experiences.   I usually drive a F250 stroker or a Dodge Cummins as my Demo.  About a year ago, I ask my inventory manager to pull me out a new body style King Ranch F150 to put my 4,500 demo miles on.  I didn’t make it 2 miles down the road and said to myself. HOLY shit batman, this truck is awsome.  Seriuosly, it’s a Lexus with a blue oval and a 4×4 button.  The navigation unit, the leather, the ergo’s, the ride, the sound system, and most imporant: The looks.  The new F-150 is the nicest half ton truck ever built in world history.

Then the wife starts driving a new limited Expedition.  Power boards, power fold down seats, power tailgate, roof, dvd.  Then like the F truck, it has that look, that sex appeal.  It’s there, and it’s unexplainable, you must sit in one to realize my observation.   The Focus and Fusion go toe to toe with their Honda competitor, then the hail mary occured.  The new Taurus.  Ford must have kidnapped and waterboarded the engineers from Lexus to pull this car off.  It’s unreal.  I cannot belive how sharp the new Taurus really is.  Then there is the Ford Edge (winner winner, chicken dinner).  I’m so brain-dead from hearing car marketing over the years, it takes me longer than most to jump on the bandwagon.  However, Ford is a bandwagon to jump on.   Bailouts bucks aside, their product line up is outstanding. \

F is trading under 10 bucks a share.  Common sense tells me that F will rise substancially in their stock price becuase F is making autos that people WANT.  Cars that appeal, trucks that make you say ahhhh, give me some of that.  Remeber the little old lady’s stock club.  They pick their stocks from things like: if the parking lot at Wal Mart has more traffic than normal, or the line for the drive thru at Wendy’s is longer than other resturants BUY the stock.  Everyone has an Iphone: Apple stock went up.   Using the common sense methodology, I strongly believe that Ford is a buy under 10 bucks.  Happy trading.

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  1. George wills said, on November 12, 2009 at 10:53 PM

    Despite the gramatical woes, I love this story. Go America!

  2. Russ said, on November 13, 2009 at 8:43 AM

    I whole heartadly agree! The new F-150 skipped a whole development cycle and is so far ahead of the 08’s it is just amazing.

    The Fusion landed softly and has snuck into driveways the all over the country and since it did not replace another Ford offering, those sales came at someone’s expense.

    The new Taurus? People driving Audi’s , Volvo’s Lexus’, Toyota’s are driving onto the lot and looking and most want to take a closer look and some test drive and if we had more selection we would sell more. Many, many lease is expiring folks who are making plans. I do not see a car that is competing with it in it’s price range that offers the technology and features it offers.

    Transit Connect stops traffic daily, I have only seen one other vehicle that attracts the people like this thing does. the 1985 Caravan/Voyager pair where head turners in their day and Transit is doing the same and selling with vitually no rebates, $500.00 is a kiss on the cheek in comparison to most vehicle’s today.

    When you stand back and look at the lineup we’ll have by 2012, it is a product lineup that NO!! other manufacturer will be offering.

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