A Confessed Challenger Stalker

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on November 6, 2009

challenger_sm_thumbWhy can I not stop thinking about this automobile.  What is it about this car that grabs me below the belt, and leaves me wanting to buy a early 70’s AAR?  Hell, I’ve never seen Vanishing point, and never cared much for Miami Vice…I defintly didn’t get the MOPAR bug bite there? 

Everytime a new Challenger is delivered to my dealership, I go drive it.  I NEVER EVER do that with any other car.  I stare at it in those same eyes I did when the Price is Right gal did Playboy a few years back.  I have a whore red 73 RT 340 in my driveway.  I don’t need it, but I have odd delusions of my eldest son sharing my passion for the car, and hoping he takes it as his first driver. His mother greatly disagrees.  She claims that’s my excuse to keep “that ugly pile o shit” in the garage.  It’s rides rough, it overheats, plus you smell like gasoline everytime you ride in it.   However, there is a unexplainable feeling running down a country road, fresh beer cooling your theighs, cranking Tuesday’s Gone at sunset on a cool evening.  For disbelievers:  If you don’t ‘get it’, then you’ve never tried it.   

I never cared much for these cars, nor even knew what they were ten years ago.  It’s noot some childhood dream of owning a Challenger that’s tapping this emotion like a stuck lifter.  I own a corporation (that has no assetts whatsoever, just a shell corp) named Superbird, Inc, have a Lime Green AAR as the screensaver on my desktop, and get into loud arguments with people that prefer Camaro over Challenger.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out why I care?  When people pop off with a Mustang tag in these heated debates, their existence is not even acknowledged.

I could drive one as a demonstrator from the dealership, but I take a truck instead.  I rarely drive my 73, and alwasy butt in my opinon on the specs whenever we order new Challengers for the store.  I like to look at them more than to drive them, a voyer if you will.

I just don’t get it.   I’ve got a bad crush on this car, and have no idea what iniciated it.  I had a simular affair with the BMW m6 (both old and new versions), Beechcraft Bonanza/Baron, and the chevy K5 Blazer….but this Challenger thing isn’t going away.  As the old addage goes “I’d rather have a case of the clap, at least that’s something I can get rid of”  If anyone knows of a good therapist for car crush’s, please send me their contact info.  It’s time to seek professional help.  DSC_3904JCFW

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