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1WTF_3Yup. That’s them… right there.

Sure, they may have gone by different names… and some may have been better speaking or performing pee and poo than others, but let’s face facts here people… THESE have been our choices. And quite frankly, it’s really pissing me off.

When are we going to wake up and smell the coffee which was produced in an Indian sweat-shop by 6-year olds making $9 a month by a company that steals our jobs, skates through our corporate loopholes, and won’t allow fair trade back to their country? We need a VIABLE third-party that will stand up for us, as opposed to one that just says they will. Everyone is so willing to admit that both parties suck these days… So why not take the next logical step? Dump ’em.

I say this from the standpoint of a small-business owner. I’ve watched small businesses and car dealerships all around me close their doors too many times in the past year.

Too many good people in this economic environment have lost the paycheck they needed to buy clothes and food for their families. Too many people that come through the doors of dealerships to try to buy a vehicle are feeling the same sense of dispair. If dealers had a penny for every time in the last year that they’ve heard a customer say, “My spouse just lost their job, and I took a pay-cut… we HAVE to lower our payments, can you help us?”… They’d be able to cover at least half of the bail-out package that was supposed to save us from what’s going on.


Isn’t this a government OF the people anymore? Of course not. The power of obtaining political office these days includes an immediate removal of the balls our forefathers had while standing up to people not entirely dissimilar to those who now rule us.

My Republicans aren’t Republicans anymore. They are corporate socialists who cloak their self-serving deeds in the Word of God. Whatever happened to a small central government that spends responsibly and implements fair taxation,  stays out of our personal lives, and protects our homeland without policing the world? THAT is Republican. THAT is worth fighting for. But what do we get with Republicans now?

Well… throw ‘small central government’ out the window. We create large and ineffective organizations such as ‘The Department of Homeland Security’… which does the job our other agencies should be doing. That reminds me of a dealership a good friend of mine bought…

When he walked in on the first day he took over, there were two receptionists working at the same time. He asked if they had some kind of extraordinary call-volume. The reply was, “No, Susan hasn’t been very reliable showing up for work… so we hired Paula to work also in case Susan doesn’t show up”…

Sound familiar? This is our Republican Party. If someone doesn’t do their job, they should be fired… just as Susan was moments later. The more profound element of this analogy is that the store was taken over because of how poorly it was run… a fate I hope will not befall us.

How about spending responsibly? Anyone remember the last time a Republican did that? Republicans told us the War in Iraq would pay for itself in oil revenue. Ha! Maybe they hid the oil revenue in the roses they forgot to greet us with. Spending responsibly means when your Alaskan representative asks for a multitude of millions of dollars to build a bridge to an almost uninhabited island, you say “no” as you dial the insane-asylum for a ‘pick-up’. It also means you close the corporate loopholes which could provide the revenue to PROVIDE a fair taxation system for everyone. It means you don’t stroke a check for $800 billion out of my pocket to pay the bonuses for those who manage as poorly as our government. Spending responsibly means ditching the lobbyists who funded your campaign, that you pick my pocket to pay back.

And staying out of our personal lives? Laughable at best. But they can’t win without this one. They HAVE to be in our personal lives. While Jimmy Carter may have been the President that brought religion into politics, the Republicans made it their meal ticket. I’m not knocking religion at all, though. I’m knocking the people who use it to push an agenda which is in direct contradiction to religion.

Republicans win on one simple strategy now… wedge-issues. They blind us with the hypocrisy of how contradictory their wedge-issues are to their Christian beliefs, and use the fear created by the blindness to get a party-line vote. They don’t want to inspire 90 percent of us in an effort to get our vote. They want to scare 51% of us to get a ‘win’.

They tell us that gay people, who are absolutely going to Hell, will molest your children and make them gay if you allow them some pretty basic rights which would not change a damn thing in the real world. What ever happened to ‘Judge not, lest ye be judged’? The Bible mentions homosexuality a mere 3 or 4 times, while mentioning taking care of those lesser than us more than 2000 times.

They tell us that if we don’t elect them, terrorists will put Anthrax in their Venti Mocha. Well, let’s be honest here… Republicans have strenthened the resolve and increased the numbers of the terrorists by pre-emptive strikes on cave-people’s schools and hospitals made of mud in an effort to put their hands in that oily cookie-jar. They do this while robbing our soldiers that signed up to protect us, and paying private security companies 10 times our soldiers’ wage. They do this while ignoring the countries that actually pose threats at a far greater level based on criteria written by them. They do this by picking our pockets. And when the money isn’t in our pockets anymore, they just sign up for a higher limit on that Chinese Mastercard. 

What makes it so much worse is that because of many of these Republican policies, the only jobs paying well right now are those of Bankruptcy Attorney, Private Security Contractor, and Lobbyist.

And how do the Democrats win, on that rare occasion? They run on change. They run on fixing the problems that the ‘wealthy’ (read: makes over $80 grand a year or voted Republican) created.

They run on taking the money from all of those evil ‘$80-grand & up’ people who mostly work their asses off to get it, and giving it to people who often choose not to work as hard (or at all) and therefore make less. And don’t misunderstand this as me saying that there are not people who genuinely need help. There absolutely are, and they should be helped. And don’t take this to mean that if you make less than $80 grand a year, you don’t work hard. Most people in that category work damn hard. But in a country this size, the people that choose not to, based on percentage, can get pretty expensive if we perpetuate the problem by rewarding them for it.

A perfect example of the perpetuation of this problem is the Democratic-pushed artificial housing boom, in which banks were forced to grant morgtages to people that could not afford them, which they did gladly because Uncle Sam co-signed. Sure… there is such a thing as personal responsibility… but is the answer to correcting this irresponsibility to keep them in these homes they can’t afford? According to the Democrats: Absolutely! Put it on the Chinese Mastercard, and give those lenders some more bonuses!

But again, if Democrats would have the balls to close the corporate tax loopholes and say, “NO” to their own ridiculous lobbyists, then they wouldn’t find it necessary to take the money out of the pockets of hard-working Americans.

Instead, they feed from the other breast of the same beast. They want to hide the gross mismanagement of their own political style by using the pocketbook ‘the wealthy’ to supposedly fix the woes of America… and they do this by emptying the pocketbook of the business owners, who are then strong-armed into reducing the workforce and increasing unemployment. This in turn means less consumers with the ability to purchase, meaning that there isn’t enough money from the $80 grand crowd to foot the bill. So, we whip out the Chinese Mastercard again.

The ‘change’ we are promised by Democrats is brought about in the form of ‘hope’, opposite the Republican ‘fear’ message, but achieving the same end result. The only ‘change’ is in the direction of the lobbyist money. The ‘change’ is the industries which benefit.

Our political structure as it sits has become a masterful and elusive shell-game.

Both parties suck. Both parties are socialists. We have to own up to it. I don’t care which one you belong to. We simply need better options. If our parties refuse to have the balls to address the REAL fear, or make the REAL change… then it is up to us to have the balls to make them FEAR a REAL CHANGE.

So, why do I write this too-long diatribe with the full knowledge that I will be torn apart by my friends on both sides of the aisle? Because the cut is too deep now. The cut has affected not just people I read about in unemployment statistics, the cut has affected many people I know well. And another band-aid won’t fix it, because government band-aids have no adhesiveness… they do not stick. 

Most of the great people I met at the Saturn manufacturing plant long ago aren’t worrying about if the new model will sell. There is no new model. There will be no more Saturn soon. Those good Americans are worrying if they can buy clothes for their kids.

The lack of any kind of sense coming from our government has caused all business owners such as myself to reduce our workforce. It is heartbreaking. And like I said… the heartbreak is seen in the eyes of the consumers as well. Our Republican-pushed ‘bail-out’ which was supposed to open up the lending powers of the banks has never materialized in the form of loans. If the banks won’t lend money to the people who need it, the economic engine we are trying to jump-start will never fire up.

They’d rather charge our Chinese Mastercard to give a bonus to a crappy manager who ran his mega-business into the ground than give it to the people that genuinely need it… the people that would save our economy by being consumers again.

So what’s the answer? ‘Fear’ and ‘change’.

Fear what will happen if we don’t change. Recognize that your party is full of crap. Don’t vote for a Republican because you think they are better than a Democrat, or vice-versa. NEITHER represents what their party mantra says. NEITHER. Instead of voting Republican, vote Libertarian. Instead of voting Democrat, vote for the Green Party. Scare the hell out of them. Take back what is yours.

It has been said that a country gets the leader it deserves. Whoever said that needs to shut the hell up.

My employees deserve better. My customers deserve better. My community deserves better. My state deserves better. My country deserves better. My teachers, policemen, soldiers… they deserve better.

So I ask one simple thing… do what my buddy did when he found out that he had a receptionist that didn’t give a crap about the job she did or the company she represented at an astounding level, just as our leaders do now… Don’t provide them with support which enables them to remain unaccountable, fire them.

(contributed by Floyd Francisco, devout Libertarian)

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