I Feel Lost Without You..

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on October 25, 2009

headacheWhat is the one modern convenience you hate to use but at the same time can not live without? Is it the internet, cable television, Valtrex, Penicillin???? It’s my cell phone. I often feel the tightening of its leash around my neck. It’s hard to just disappear in the year 2009.

 Over the years I have tried to pull a disappearing act or two, today I actually did it. I left my cell phone in Wolfe’s Truck after the show. Knowing what kind of phones Wolfe and Wooten have I decided to take full advantage of the iphone and all of its glory.  I drove strait home and emailed both of them about my dilemma. Surely between three great minds as powerful and diabolic as ours my phone would be easily retrieved.

 I emailed Wolfe to meet me at the club and drop off the phone. 6 hours and 16 Bloody Mary’s later I am still waiting on my phones arrival. Suddenly the dim little bulb in my head tried to illuminate. My lap top was in my new Porsche. I staggered out to the car and started checking emails. Wolfe did email me! He left my phone in his mailbox. I haven’t been invited over to his new abode yet so I goggled him. It’s crazy his address was right there, 7101 Calmont Ave , Fort Worth TX, 76101.  He wasn’t home however some young ladies invited me in and the day has turned out to be quite the adventure.

 As the day comes to an end I have my cell phone and donated money to many young aspiring nurses. Actually most of the girls working there were attending some sort of  school, the rest of them were already professionals. God bless all of those young ladies. 

 This brings me back to my original question. What modern convenience do you hate using but can not live without? For me today it was the internet. I have a feeling tomorrow it will be my iphone, I will probably need to call a doctor; which will be followed by the dreaded shot of penicillin.


Have a Good Weekend


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  1. Real fan said, on October 26, 2009 at 12:38 AM

    I love the show guys, glad u found your phone. Yall need to post some pics of yourselves so we’ll all know the difference btw wooten wash and Frazier.

  2. George wills said, on October 30, 2009 at 8:22 AM

    My Hispanic houskeeper is a modern convienence I cannot live with our

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