Wolfe wants a Blog-Off?!? Don’t mess with me buddy

Posted in interoffice memo by Jeffrey Wooten on October 15, 2009

The Last Samurai

Wolfe wanted to know why I’ve gone a little light in the BLOG Dept. lately.

Well, if you want the skinny on my reasons… AND… how I plan to defend my Samurai Honor, keep reading…

Exhibit A:  During the current economic downturn, I’ve been strategerizing how to streamline my business.  I wasted many days  assembling a legion of hamsters to get our office “off the grid.”  It was a bad idea.  I guess solar and wind are more practical. is not legit.  Lesson Learned.

Exhibit B:  I’ve fallen in love.  With saying “No.”  I used to hate that word when it was uttered by my parents, teachers and now ex girlfriends.

Exhibit C:  Facebook & World of WarCraft – Who needs a date in the real world?

Wait a minute… this isn’t my dossier. I have a life.  And a pretty hectic one Monday to Friday.  And now I’m supposed to share it online?  YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!


Oh... baby!!

I delivered Lindsey Evans Mr. Wolfe!  I even wrote you a theme song.  And now you want more?  How dare you?

I accept your challenge of World Wide Web pantsing and we shall post our Blog Post stats.  Hire yourself a good SEO buster, you’re going down!!!

There is an ancient chinese proverb:  Lao Wan Shoo Bek Ham Wah Anh Nyoo Poo Poo

Which loosely translates to:  Beware Kicking SideKick, Or He May SideKick Your Ass!

Hai Yah!!!

All My Love

Jeffrey Wooten

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