Real Deal reaches Midland Tx….somehow?

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I have been listening to The Real Deal with John Clay Wolfe on the Fan

105.3 for the past several months. Since I live in Midland, TX I have to

listen live on the internet on Saturdays or now the

the podcast. I was first intrigued by his in depth  knowledge of the car

business. I  told my mom when I was 7 years old that I wanted to be a

car salesman.  She nixed that idea was not a good one, so I became a

Doctor of Optometry instead. However, I have never lost my love of cars

and the mechanics of how the car business works.


John’s blog on is a wealth of knowledge as well as the

radio show. The entertainment value of the whole gang on the The Real

Deal Show makes for entertaining radio and you learn alot even if you

are not a car nut like me.


I heard John talking about going to the car auctions during the week and

sometime people would tag along with him. It has been one of the items

on my “bucket lists” to attend a auto auction. I though this would be

ideal opportunity to attend with the master himself, John Clay Wolfe.

I sent John an email asking it that would be possible to tag along. I

even offered to pay for the privilege. He was so nice to grant my

request with no fee required.


I meet him at the Dallas Auto Auction. John was right on time and we

meet at the cafeteria. He

explained how the process worked with the dealers getting “bidders tag

number” that they wear so they can be identified. The Dallas Auto

Auction could best be described as a high decibel rock concert with 15

lanes of cars with 15 auctioneers all going on at the same item. Each

car sells in under a minute and 4000 where at the auction.


John explained the different lanes from manufacturers lanes, to

wholesale lanes

to  the  older cars and high mileage lanes. I was  quiet an amazing

site. One lane had

25 new edition  Camaros returning from off lease. I leaned that some

cars don’t sell if the dealers bidding feel it is too expensive.


We had a nice wrap up with lunch in the cafeteria. John answered all my

questions I could think of

about the ins and outs of the car business. I was certainly a special

day for me.


Billy Cook, O.D.

Midland, Texas

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