Real Deal Crew: Saturday’s Wrap Up Show

Posted in Real Deal show podcast and replays by wolferadio11 on October 10, 2009

wrap upHad a great show today.  Hour #4 wrap up show was cut short due to the Texas A&M game, but Wash, Wooten and Hiley got a good dose of live air without a host (me).  These guys have been getting up a 5am on Saturdays, driving to Dallas CBS studios for two months helping me with the show.  So I thought, hey, why not give them their own hour after we sign off our Cumulus Radio Affilliates on the 9-10 hour (KPUR, 98X, KOLI, KLSR, and KSEY).   These guys handle hundreds of callers, manage levels, keep the content flowing, internet streams, levels fluid, connections with affilliate stations clean and properly modulated.  There is alot going on behind the scenes to make this work.

Long/short, listen to the guys Real Deal wrap up show on the live stream at or  within a 100 mile radius around Wichita Falls on 1230AM ESPN (KSEY) radio. 

Washabaugh got a little off color with today suggesting some things that he wanted to do with Daisy Duke, but we got that all squared away.  I told him to use the rule of thumb “don’t say anything you wouldn’t want your mom to hear” and he agreed.   Also, on hour #3 Bobo put together episode #2 of his ‘this week in pop country music’   He’s going to email me the mp3 recording of it to pop on the blog.  It was one of the funniest things I have heard in a long while.  The guy is absolutley brilliant.

Anyway, just wanted to give the guys some kudos and a plug.  To get in contact with Real Deal Crew see below:

Aron Washabaugh

Bobby Brown/”Bobbo”

Jeff Wooten

and always thanks for DJ Pridemore and Frazier Maxwell, Scotty Preston, Mark Alabaugh, Joe Davis, Shannon Urton, Jim Christofferson, Dan, Charles Cassle, Crest Caddy, Vandergriff Honda, Texas Toyota, Wolfe Ford-dodge and the rest of the staffs at all the affilliate stations for keeping it in the middle of the road-between the lines. AND passing Ed Wallace in the ratings for the only head to head hour we have with him in DFW 8-9 Hell Yea!


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