You can take the girl out of the coutnry, but You can’t take the auction out of the car…

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on October 7, 2009

1646-34493_1What is the journey of a used car?  Why did the customer trade it in, what’s wrong with it?  Why did the dealer take it to auction, what’s wrong with it?  All common questions from laypeople.

What always amazed me, are the dealers at the auction that have some 6th sense about them on a nice car vs an auction car.  Definition of an auction car, is a car that was bought on the cheap by a dealer intending to immediatly remarket the car at another auction.  This is a MEGA billion dollar business.  Auction flipping is basically auto-arbitrage.  I have performed automobile auction to auction flip over 10,000 times, so hopefully I know something about the question at hand.

Back to this 6th sense I was alluding to earlier.  In example, let’s take two pearl white escalades, dvd, 2wd, quads, moon, tab gut 20k mile, white letter tire, no pick bad ass sob’s.  I buy one at Adesa auto auction from the lease lane, and buy the twinkie twin sister as a trade in at Henna Chevrolet.  Henna wholesales it to me, bc they don’t like carrying competive product to their new suburbans, so they get this gorgeous escalade off the lot. 

I get both SUV’s  detailed at the best shop I know.  The one that charges $200 bucks per unit, and is cleaned by oriental women wearing rubber gloves and no US with me here?  After the oriental scrub down, both look showroom new.  I line both Caddy’s up at the Wednesday auction running back to back in my lane.  Run #’s 151 and 152, 10:30 time slot, perfect placement.  To further set the stage, I put DVD’s in the players playing Barry Maniows Christmas show, and good looking women driving them through the ring. 

Which one brings the most money?  We’ll bend over and I’ll show ya.  It’s the trade in from the Chevy store, and it doesnt only bring the most money, it’s the only one out of the pair that sells for MMR value.  The auction truck doesnt get a bid around MMR value, and gets send out of the barn as a no sale.  While run #152, the trade in truck, brings 2000 more than my reserve price.  WHY?  Hell, I don’t know, but what I do know is that fresh new car trade in’s bring more than re run auction units damn near every time. 

Actually, I take that back, I do know, or at least think I know.  It’s the conditionof the seats, the carpets, the smell, the no funk factor.  The stuff I’m talking about here cannot be revealed from interet pictures on Auto-trader.  I’m talking touchy feely car man stuff here.  The auction remarketing agencies (the guys that recondition and auction off the lease returns and repo’s for financial co’s) those guys have a BAD (if not terrible) habit of letting an auction detailer get mold in the car.  It creates this sort of funk that is simly unexplainable.  No, you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s not the same funk you got when you left your windows up after it rained in your car, or your kid spilled milk.  It’s AUCTION FUNK, and it molecularly cannot be repliciated outside of an auto auction detail shop.  I do not know why this phenomenon is so, just trust me that it is. 

Especially when the cars come from auctions up north, which is traditionally a good source to purchase inventory wholesale dealers wish to flip in stronger southern auctions…they have this harcore auction funk.  You take a 40k mile caddy that was built and raised in detroit and put it shoulder to shoulder with a Dallas Texas car, you will see the difference, but not if your comparing the two vehicles online.  Have you ever met a fat girl on that looked skinny on her profile?  I rest my case.

The plastic coatings on the wheels beging to get opaque, traces of rust around exposed edges, salt dots on wiper blades, film on the glass that will not come off with tar remover, and that damn funky ass smell.  That smell of damp carpet from days upon days of wet feet in the car.  Also, the lease returns and repos were not treated to the life that the trade in was.  It’s back to the age old question in psych 101 “which plays the larger role in development of a human, environment vs genetics” and the correct answer is both.  However the addage still lives on, you can take the car out of the auction, but you can’t take the auction out of the car.

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  1. Russ said, on October 7, 2009 at 7:25 AM

    Thanks, good point. I guess we are so used to the “funky” smell (northern New York) that you make me want to but a southern car just to smell it.

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