Clunker Snuff Film Update

Posted in Uncategorized by Jeffrey Wooten on September 12, 2009

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So yeah, Wash and I were supposed to get ahold of a clunker last weekend for some hot-rodding fun before it met it’s maker.  A Mustang GT!  Epic Fail?  Not so fast!

Theoretically we were cleared to pre-destroy the damn thing, but couldn’t coordinate everything – lots of bureaucracy.  Wash & I could be official Clunker Killers.  Heck, it is much more fun than simply pouring “Engine Seize” in a car.   I should have snapped a pic of the stuff.  But no photos allowed!   It is really called Engine Seize.  I’m sure it’s made by the same generic company that makes the Beer used in TV shows.

Generic BeerOf course, when you’re trying to subvert the “system,” there are several hoops to jump through.  Hoops such as… driving a car without plates in a deluge.  Not joking.  Lots of waiting for the right time kind of stuff.

But lo & behold!  Our patience (and yours!) was rewarded.  Not just one Clunker, but two!!  This got the mind all in a tizzy.  What could a few fun loving dudes do with clunkers if given a 72 hour window?

Start the clock!

Wash immediately threw down the gauntlet.  It seems he envisions this as his opportunity to audition for the sequel to Hot Rod.  You can bet there will be a jump of something.  And if it sucks, we can give him grief on the internet forever!  I can’t imagine him building a ramp.  So I’m sure he’s scouting the ideal Civil Engineering guffaw which will provide ample airtime to his Clunker of choice.

Then there was the Rebel Without a Cause homage.

An old school drag race between and Mustang GT and a z28.  Are you a Ford person or do you bleed for Chevy? An excuse for Wash to find a hottie to take off her scarf and wave him on to victory.  No cliff though, at my request.  I’m not going all Thelma & Louise just yet.   Tune in to see…

Finally, Wolfe said we need some “action.”  So he proposed we turn off the airbags and do a little bumping.  If we can nab a decent race venue, it’s on.

I’ve got a few, not so dangerous, ideas myself – – as I don’t particularly enjoy the idea of spending the weekend at the ER.  We will see what we can get.  Other than bruised.

So say a little prayer for us.  At first I was excited about making a “snuff film” with the clunkers.  I just hope it isn’t me who gets snuffed.


Check back soon.  I’ll be posting vids as they become available.

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  1. Russ said, on October 7, 2009 at 10:33 AM

    We toyed with the same idea. Had some decent shit out back and the only that stopped our Demo Derby was concern for air bag deployment and the owners concern for who gets to pickup all of the plastic stuff that would have no doubt littered the back yard. We were oh so close to doing it and then the boss slammed the door shut. Party pooper that he is….

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