New Powerstroke is on it’s way

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on September 2, 2009


The long Ford-Navistar diesel engine drama has played out its final days and the replacement engine is finally officially in existence. Given the troubles—contractual and otherwise—with the outgoing Navistar-sourced engine, Ford is quite eager for everyone to know the new 6.7-liter Power Stroke engine is “Ford-engineered, Ford-tested and Ford-manufactured”. Buried amongst the PR gems in the release is this nugget: “On turbocharger service, for example, the body/cab no longer has to be removed from the frame to access the turbo.” Wow, that means you have to remove the truck body to repair the turbocharger on the current engine. Ouch.


The new Power Stroke uses a unique architecture in which the “exhaust manifolds [. . .] reside in the valley of the engine instead of outboard, while the intake is outboard of the engine. The cylinder heads are essentially flipped around in comparison with previous V-8 engine architectures.” This thing is surely going to look different under the hood. Oh, and by the way, Super Duty diesel users will also have to keep a urea tank filled up to help manage the exhaust emissions. I wonder if this means Ford dealers will soon be able to top off the urea tanks for Mercedes diesel owners, and vice-versa.   (From The Truth About

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