Ten Most Traded-In And Purchased Cash For Clunkers Cars

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on August 24, 2009

  uk_cash4clunkersfrom Jalopnik

As the Cash For Clunkers program begins to screech to a halt we again take a look at the most traded-in, most purchased vehicles and other fun stats.

According to the latest stats provided by the Department of Transportation, as of this morning there were 489,269 vehicles traded in with a dollar value of $2.038 billion out of a total available $2.875 billion for cars and non-Class 3 trucks. However, there’s a fear this number doesn’t reflect the total number of deals because many remain to be processed, which is why the feds decided to end the program Monday night at 8:00 pm.

Despite the deadline, dealers are already being told not to agree to more sales unless the paperwork is already in order. There’s also a strain being put on dealers who, though profiting from the bill, have fronted a lot of money on the assumption of being paid by the government, when in reality less than 10% of the reported deals have been repaid. In fact, both GM and Mazda are reimbursing dealers until the Federal government cuts them a check so they’re able to maintain enough cash to stay in business.

The most traded-in vehicle is still the Ford Explorer 4WD and the most purchased vehicle is now the Toyota Corolla, replacing the Ford Focus. For the list of the most popular trade-in vehicles click on the Explorer, for the list of purchased vehicles click on the Corolla.

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