ChryCo’s Jim Press trading in his Dodge Ram for a Landspeeder?

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Batman?:  2.5 years ago I am in the classy town of Las Vegas at a Chrysler Sr dealer meeting.  I say Sr, bc at that time we had no concept that we were pregnant, and Chrysler Jr was soon to be hatched.  Unfortunatly, Sr got sick during the pregnancy, and shipped off to the New York nursing home located at the intercection of Chapter 11 pkwy and Federal Ave.

Back to Jim Press, the Obama of the auto industry.  Strikingly familiar to Randy Travis’s golden country hit  I thought that he (Press) walked on water.   While in Vegas at the Chrysler pep rally meeting, the entire dealer body met Mr Press. We drank the Kook-Aid, we heard Press’s toyota transformation story he told, and we (chrysler dealer body) all viewed Mr. Press as the man that was going to make us all millionaires all over again.  He was going to rebuild the Chrysler brand, redistribute and re-allocate the inventory to a pull instead of push factory to dealer model.  He promised past Chrysler antics of forcing stale inventory down dealers necks was not only a thing of the past, but laughed aloud at such wholesaling tactics.  Did I mention he got us all shitfaced drunk and had both Jay Leno and Lighthouse come entertain us (Thanks Jim, thanks a million)

We left Vegas, went back to our dealerships, and gave the same rah rah message to our staff members that Press just gave us.  Looking back, the entire episode was a very Obamaish moment.  It was larger than life, it felt so real, and one great quote I recall from Press in the passion of his sales pitch monolouge was “WE ARENT GOING TO MAKE INTERIORS IN OUR CARS OUT OF THE SAME TYPE OF PLASTIC THAT TRASHCANS ARE MADE FROM ANYMORE, NO MORE NO MORE!!!!”  The crowd went wild, we all knew just how bad those SOB’s at Diamler had cannibalized our product with cheaply built interiors.  Press was going to make our dealership franchises worth millions. 

Basically Press showed us a roadmap how he was going to turn Chrysler into Toyota.  Doing this by using the same tactics he used to make Toyota-Toyta, right?  Well, it didn’t happen.  I hear today Press is leaving Chysler.  I figured if he was going to golden chute out of the plane, he would have done it before or during the BK!

The actual story is below, but I vote that We The People of the blogosphere launch this great rumor that Jim Press is leaving Chrysler Jr for a Presidential appointment from Obama and NASA to Sir Richard Branson on the Virgin Galactic sales effort.  I like it, it just works. 

DETROIT (Reuters) – Chrysler Group LLC Deputy Chief Executive Jim Press will leave the automaker by the end of the year, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.


Press, 62, was the only member of Chrysler’s senior leadership team to remain with the company after a fast-track bankruptcy under the supervision of the U.S. Treasury.

A former senior executive at Toyota Motor Corp <7203.T>, Press joined Chrysler in 2007 shortly after it was acquired by its former owner Cerberus Capital Management LP.

A Chrysler spokesman could not be immediately reached for comment. Press was also not immediately available.

Press’s departure, which the newspaper said could come by the end of November, would mark the end of a rough ride for a veteran executive who built a reputation at Toyota as a strong advocate for dealers.

Press said he wanted to restore an American icon when he joined Chrysler, but his term at the No. 3 U.S. automaker corresponded with a slide into bankruptcy and a controversial decision to slash Chrysler dealerships.

Italy’s Fiat SpA <FIA.MI> acquired operational control of Chrysler when it emerged from bankruptcy in June.

Fiat Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne has shaken up the company’s ranks of operational executives, but has kept a low profile during his more frequent visits to the automaker’s headquarters outside Detroit

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