GM’s eBay education: 45 Sales in Nine Days

Posted in Uncategorized by wolferadio11 on August 20, 2009

report6-ebay-med-286x350I’ve heard some silly stories, but this tops the list.  First of all as a rule of thumb, new cars don’t (won’t) sell on Ebay unless they are a over hyped mega demand unit.  IE  the new Camaro, Challenger, z06, GTR et al.  Basically if it’s a unit that sells for over MSRP then there is a good chance you can sell it on Ebay.  Ebay is an auction, and auctions bring the perseption of bargan.  If you could sell a new seabring on Ebay for a profit (between invoice and msrp) then why in the hell would there be 100.000 plus new car sales people employed in America? 

What kind of dumbass came up with the idea ‘hey, let’s just let the world bid on them, and they’ll bring as much as they will at our dealers.

People need to be sold, they need their hand held, they need the silver tongued devil to talk them out of their panties.  I know it sounds harsh, but it is a harsh reality.  If GM wants to get serious about selling new cars in an auction format on Ebay, then they need to spread their legs alot wider and be prepared to accept offers for less than they sold the same cars to their dealers for.  This would break every franchise legislation in all 50 states and probably force the new and improved GM to yet another bankruptcy when their dealer body sues the shit out of them.

This is a joke, this is stupid, and I am going on the record as saying so.  If you work for GM and this was your idea, please contact me so I can explain in more detail why this is not only a bad concept, but bad PR.

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